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We serve commercial producers, small farms, livestock show enthusiasts, and backyard animal owners. We have what you need for all your livestock, so come see what we carry! Visit our store in Newport, MI Flat Rock, MI Monroe, MI and Lambertville, MI or shop online today and we’ll help you find the best livestock feed and supplies for your animals.

Serving Newport, MI Flat Rock, MI Monroe, MI and Lambertville, MI


Kalmbach Chicken Feed

  • Layer Crumbles or Pellets
  • Starter/grower Crumbles or Pellets
  • Medicated Chick Starter
  • Organic Harvest Layer Crumbles
  • Organic Harvest Grower Crumbles
  • Game Bird Pellets
  • Turkey Starter 

Purina Horse Feed

  • Omolene 100
  • Omolene 200
  • Strategy
  • Strategy Health Edge
  • Equine Senior
  • Enrich 32
  • Ultium
  • Impact Sweet or Pellets  

Kalmbach Horse Feed Tribute

  • Kalm N Ez
  • Kalm Ultra 
  • Kalm Performer
  • K Finish
  • Essential K
  • Seniority
  • Growth
  • Tough to Beet 
  • Resolve
  • Right Choice 12 
  • Masserant Mill Mix 10% Sweet
  • Masserant Mill Mix 12% Sweet

Mazuri Exotic Animal

  • We can special order from the full line of Mazuri products for all your exotic pet needs.

Kalmbach Rabbit

  • 16% Rabbit Pellets

We Also Carry:

  • Shelled Corn
  • Cracked Corn 
  • Scratch Feed
  • Wheat 
  • Allstock
  • Bulk Chicken Mash
  • Bulk Hog Mash
  • Grit
  • Oyster Shell
  • Beet Pulp
  • Wheat Bran
  • Flax Seed
  • Pine Shavings 
  • Cedar Shavings

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We proudly carry a full range of Nutrena® livestock feeds. Since 1921, they have been working to help animal owners like you nourish the livestock animals that are such an important part of your lifestyle. They make sure the animals you care for get the complete nutrition they need to grow properly and live well. Nutrena livestock feeds deliver the reliable, high-quality ingredients you and your animals are counting on.

Please visit our stores in  Newport, Flat Rock, Monroe, and Lambertville, MI  or view our online catalog  to see our selection of available livestock feed and supplies.

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